Qatar wanted to take advantage at the situation by creating chaos in the region in favor of the fundamentalists. Perhaps Qatar is now taking revenge on the policies of the US and Pakistan.

In the past few months Qatar has been accused of playing a central role in a secret money laundering operation to send hundreds of millions of dollars to jihadists in Syria

A claim issued at the High Court in London alleges that a private office of the Gulf state’s monarch was at the heart of clandestine routes by which money was transferred to an al-Qaeda affiliate. 2 Qatari banks, several charities, wealthy businessmen, leading politicians and civil servants are among the defendants in a claim for damages lodged by nine Syrians.

Who founded, trained, and financed the Taliban terrorists? just like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, they use to exchange the role of financing with Qatar.

In the past report, Qatar transferred ISIS from Syria to Afghanistan, and woke al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

It now seems clear that there is a plan to transform Afghanistan into a country at war due to transnational interests, as happened in Syria.

Perhaps many will ask the same question, why is Qatar doing all this in Afghanistan and for what reason?

Qatar wanted to reverse the situation by harming and create chaos in the region in favor of the fundamentalists. Perhaps Qatar is now taking revenge on the policies of the US and Pakistan.

Osama Bin Laden, at the time the leader of al-Qaeda, is the man most closely associated with the 9/11 attacks. But the reality was that Mohammed or “KSM” as he became known as the “principal architect”, according to the 9/11 Commission which investigated the attacks. He was the man who came up with the idea and took it to al-Qaeda.

According to American intelligence officials, Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family tipped off Mohammed. …

Iran had promised to resume fuel deliveries to Afghanistan, and taking advantage at this situation, which the Taliban need to prevent a collapse in the economy. Tehran has adopted a friendly posture toward the Taliban, unlike past relations which were marked by tensions.

Iranian officials have not yet reacted to the news. However, if Iran has made a deal with the Taliban to receive some of the American military hardware given to the Afghan army or left behind.

The reports received so far are brief and there is no information about the kind and quantity of hardware delivered to Iran.

An unknown assailant assassinated one of the most prominent leaders of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, Aref Al-Jahmani, in Daraa. They shot and immediately killed him on the Saida-Ghariya road. Hezbollah, a close ally of Syrian President Bachar Assad, has been fighting alongside Iranian-backed forces in Syria since 2013 in a bid to prop up the regime.

Jahmani is Hezbollah’s first man in Daraa since 2019. He welcomed several Hezbollah and Iranian generals in mid-2019 and called prominent figures in Saida for a meeting to urge the region’s youth to volunteer in the pro-Iranian National Defense Militia. …

I want to share something intriguing and it’s about President Biden regarded America’s conflict dead at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day by laying a wreath at the blessed graveyard and praising the penances of the succumbed to the quest for majority rule government. The president was joined on Monday by first woman Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and second honorable man Doug Emhoff in a dismal function at the Virginia graveyard’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is devoted to perished administration individuals whose remains have not been distinguished.

Looking at it, his face tight with feeling reflects…

I want to share something intriguing and it’s about for quite a long time, Turkey’s relations with the US and Russia have been a lose-lose situation: When its relations with Russia improve, its American ties decrease. A similar guideline likewise applies to Turkey’s relations with NATO and Russia.

Looking at it, Ankara is currently anxious to receive a marginally more autonomous strategy inside NATO, yet this arrangement drives it into a corner. NATO, essentially on Washington’s prompting, squeezes Turkey to embrace an all the more obvious arrangement and appropriately decide the position it needs to hold in the NATO-Russia balance. Moscow, as far as concerns its, doesn’t anticipate that Turkey should receive an obvious strategy. It is content with Ankara’s marginally free approach, as long as this doesn’t infringe on its inclinations.

Turkey is a NATO member and earlier had forged close cooperation with Russia over conflicts in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh. They have issues in the defence and energy area as well. Bringing the USA into the conflict belt is another whole discussion altogether. There has been a long list of outstanding ad grave issues between Turkey and the US. Ankara, the capital of Turkey purchased the S-400 system and its subsequent expulsion from the F-35 project and are almost sure to be raised because of the importance the US attributes to them.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, Turkey was…

Hamas has been dealing with all the terror groups for its ulterior motives and one of the top collaboration is between the Palestine based group and Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The IRG is tagged as a terrorist group by the United States and it has been helping Hamas by supplying weapons for years.

The US administration has been extremely cautious about Iran and its tactical moves in the region but when it comes to its direct relation with Hamas, it has chosen to ignore the threat completely. …

A group of Islam experts, politicians, sociologists, and theologians raised their voices to say enough to political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamism is increasingly taking root in Europe’s Muslim communities.

Some Islam is mistaking root in European Muslim communities, including Germany. “This is a development that is already testing our society. We must no longer be silent about it,” they said, appealing to the Germans and Europeans.

Religious extremism doesn’t just begin with murder; it thrives in isolated milieus that are closed to our values. A refused handshake for a woman can already be an indication. Missing girls in…

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